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I kind of thought I might be pregnant

but I’m not.  I mean it would have been nearly an immaculate conception, but I was kind of excited at the idea. I was going to buy a pregnancy test today.  But now I don’t have to.  I’m not ready … Continue reading

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I would be entering my third trimester today.  I woke up feeling sad and then I realized that.  A former friend is having her baby shower this weekend. I wasn’t invited. I lost touch with that group of friends some on … Continue reading

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Children and Pregnancy Loss

I had a good cry yesterday, in the car, on my way home from work. For whatever reason, that’s when the loss always hits me the hardest. Maybe my eyes were puffy when I got home, but I didn’t say anything … Continue reading

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Breaking Up is Hard to Do

I broke up with my therapist today. Not really, but it was still kind of hard. And I chickened out of calling her and wrote her a Dear John Email. I don’t think she is crying over the heartbreak, but … Continue reading

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It was good for me to be busy. My hiatus was spent mostly tear free.  I wasn’t just busy, I was occupied.  Occupied so that my mind didn’t have time to wander. And I even experienced some joy-imagine.  Not without guilt … Continue reading

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My Bestie

My friend is coming to visit. It’s been a year since we’ve seen each other. This is the friend aforementioned that washed my hair for me in my HG pregnancy and helped me in the hospital etc. She was my … Continue reading

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Guess What?

I don’t care if I make anyone uncomfortable.  I am not a go quietly into the night kind of person. If you care for me, then you should see how I am now. Broken.  You can be gentle with me, … Continue reading

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