My Bestie

My friend is coming to visit. It’s been a year since we’ve seen each other. This is the friend aforementioned that washed my hair for me in my HG pregnancy and helped me in the hospital etc. She was my college roommate. and my HG pregnancy was probably not the first time she held my hair back for me. 🙂

She is my beautiful son’s godmother, and she seriously earned it! Although the position was hers before he was even conceived.

To that end, I will likely be MIA for a little. 

But as an update I have been feeling a bit better. I have been forcing myself not  to go to the bad place emotionally all the time, and that has worked for the time being.  It still feels like part of the backdrop of every day, but the edge is off if I don’t dwell on it.  Moment by Moment is the healthiest for me right now.

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2 Responses to My Bestie

  1. Ashli says:


  2. dallison says:

    What Ashli said. And have fun with the precious friend who loved you enough to hold your hair back…whatever the cause 🙂

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