Breaking Up is Hard to Do

I broke up with my therapist today. Not really, but it was still kind of hard. And I chickened out of calling her and wrote her a Dear John Email. I don’t think she is crying over the heartbreak, but I seriously felt kind of bad about it.

She was very sweet and understanding, of course.  I told her that I have been feeling a bit better and I have to explore the idea that it might be because I havn’t been to the therapy sessions in 2 weeks.  Maybe it has nothing to do with it, but I think it is just too painful for me to do therapy sessions right now. I don’t think it means I’m ignoring how I feel or repressing things, etc. Just need a break. Also my insurance compay has just informed me that they aren’t paying for any of it. I need to have a friendly word with them! So on top of the emotional stuff of it all, it is financially prohibitive right now.

I will call her again though.  She is a hypnotherapist and that was one of the reasons I initially felt like I wanted to call her. I was hoping to do hypnotherapy as prep for a pregnancy, if that time ever comes.

I also spoke to the abortion healing bible study woman. I apologized for just not remembering the meeting. She was super sweet about it.  Told me not to feel bad at all, and I could tell she genuinely meant it.  I’m telling you, this woman needs to pass me her peace pipe.

one more note:  I received a really nice email from a reader. I’m working on responding, but I’m really trying to focus on doing some work at work today (as you can tell?).  It makes me feel like this blog is worth something though.

I lied, one more note: I went to check out a yoga studio near my work today. Their meditation/yoga classes are an hour and a half long. I can’t sit that still for that long. That would be excruciating for me.  I am going to a cross fit class next Tuesday.  Suppose to go today but I am tired, so my husband is going in my place.

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