This Has Nothing to Do with HG

I saw that the guidelines for car seats were changed.

I just post this, because I am a big believer in extended rear facing.

My 6 year old is still in a five point harness (sometimes she’s in a booster, because we only have one five point harness for her- so depending on whose car, but I am going to change that, because that isn’t a real good excuse). 

She isn’t embaressed in the car line at school, she is so comfortable in her own skin and so far has never felt pressure to do what others are doing, or be like anyone else. She easily tells others that this is what her and her family do, believe, practice etc. It’s actually amazing to watch. And  Believe me this takes a lot of work/skill/consciousness parenting wise, (especially) because I am sadly not like that!

My 2.5 year old is still rear facing.  Yes occasionally we face him forward.  He likes to whine in the car, but I think I am going to stop giving in, and just go back to- this is what we do.

This doesn’t have to do with HG, its just my beliefs and I think important to post. The new guidlines don’t even cause me to blink, we’ve been doing that and beyond.

I worked hard for both those babies, and I am passionate about keeping them as safe as possible! (you know, without making them into neurotic beings)

a good YouTube video on rear vs front facing:

A scary slogan from the rear-facing movement, but certainly drives the point home.

Broken legs- Cast it.

Broken neck- Casket.

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2 Responses to This Has Nothing to Do with HG

  1. Diana says:

    Thanks for posting on that! Our little one is going to be rear-facing extra long because of his muscle tone issues, so it’s nice to know the guidelines!

    If you are looking for ideas on blog posts, here is something I would love to hear about – the diet you are doing! If I am remembering correctly, you are doing a grain-free dairy-free paleo, right? That is my goal, but I fall sadly short of it! I am trying to gradually eat more greens, decrease grains/dairy/sugar, work on detox elements, but I do usually fall short of my goals. I would love to hear anything you have to say about the diet you’re doing, the reasons for it, and the practical “how to” side of it. (But no worries if you’d rather not or don’t have time.)

    Have an awesome day!!!!

  2. Awesome post. I believe I’ll share this around.

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