Blood work results

I have low white blood cound- not sure what that means. they are going to retest.

I tested positive for H.Pylori.  Doctor thought I was crazy for requesting this test.  He says we don’t have to treat but if I want too…Think I do, as some people think there may be a link to HG. Going to discuss with my Naturopath Dr.

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  1. Ashli says:

    This is very interesting information. Wish we could pinpoint when it initiated. I do believe this can cause (mimic) HG in *some* women, because some with HG have resolved when the h.pylori was treated.

    Bet your doc doesn’t think you’re so “crazy” now.

    • he still thinks i’m crazy, because when he asked where he should call in the script I told him I had to call my homeopathic dr first and consult with her :).
      As far as pinpointing, I am on the case. In college (before any pregnancys) I was hospitalized with an ulcer, (SO PAINFUL) and they gave me antibiotics and an acid blocker which I took, but not the whole dose, because symptoms went away and that’s how I rolled in college I guess. Wondering if they did blood work for H.pylori then, also in hospital with Second Pregnancy, might remember them saying they were testing blood for that. Not sure, but I’m going to track my medical records for the past 10 years and see if I was ever tested and what results. I kind of had this feeling I had it. I just feel like I have digestive dissonace or bad digestive karma or rebelious chi or something.

  2. S.M. says:

    Just want to let you know that h. Pylori can be treated naturally with Mastic Gum supplements, taken daily for 30 days. My Mom had it and didn’t want to take antibiotics, so tried the mastic gum. After 30 days, she went back to doctor to test and the h.pylori was gone. The doctor was silent when she revealed she chose this course of treatment.

  3. S.M. says:

    Oh, forgot to say: I know low white blood count can be related to many things, one being autoimmune disease. And I often wonder about whether or not HG is caused by some kind of autoimmune problem in some women. All the women in my family who’ve had HG, also have been diagnosed with autoimmune thyroid disease later in life. And I came across a scientific study online claiming that women with HG who were tested all had higher than normal concentrations of fetal DNA in their bloodstream during pregnancy. The worse the HG symptoms were, the higher the concentration of fetal DNA in the blood. What the study suggested is that the immune system of these women is attacking the foreign DNA in a hyper-stimulated manner. My RN family member told me that the immune system actually does kick in gear in in ALL pregnancies, but there are buffers that “normally” happen to result in “normal” pregnancies. Her belief was that the immune system goes haywire in HG women due to autoimmune problems. Who knows what the truth is, since nobody has proven anything, but the theory resonates with me for some reason.

    • that is very interesting. I am actually kind of worried about the low white blood count. Trying to read to see if there are ways to raise the white blood count, but I don’t think its that simple.

    • Zoe Simms says:

      Hi there. I’m sort of pushing in here, but this was interesting. I too am an HG survivor (also with a loss) and I have been wondering about the immune connection as well. We’ve been seeing a naturopath for a whole lot of reasons but a main one has been leaky gut. As leaky gut is caused by the gut lining being weakened and therefore allowing foreign particles into the bloodstream, which the immune system then attacks. The cycle continues until your immune system is attacking good particles as well as bad ones, because it’s confused. SO it would also make sense that if this fetal DNA is in the bloodstream, the immune system could respond by trying to rid itself of it. AKA HG. Heh, I’m always looking for answers. 🙂

      By the way, Island of Grief, Mountain of Joy — nice blog. I’ll stick around if you don’t mind.


  4. Diana says:

    Wow! Good for you! That’s the first time I’ve ever heard of an HG mama getting tested and testing positive for H. Pylori (even though it’s commonly mentioned in the lit). That’s awesome…. maybe dealing with this will help you. I’m getting up the nerve to try to find another doctor, and that will be on my to-do list. I’m glad to see all the things you are doing, because it prods me to do the same!! 🙂


  5. Diana says:

    BTW, on the whole “stop nursing” thing – I have started to take that with a grain of salt. A lot of times, I find that “nursing” is referring to full-time nursing of a young infant, not an older child who is eating solids and only nursing a few times a day. I too want to do things like a liver cleanse, which says “no nursing!” but after researching, I think I’m okay with doing it without weaning. I definitely don’t want to wean our little chap!!! But it’s hard either way. I might post on my birth network sometime to get opinions on that.

    • i agree with you diana, except that my naturopath doctor beleives my hormones are out of wack and that is also why she wants me to stop nursing. (Do I necessarily believe this….?) And here’s the deal: Even though I feel sad about not nursing anymore and my son is not loving it, I am also kind of done! I feel tired with it and he is two and a half, so its not like I didn’t put in good quality time. We both enjoyed it and he nursed exclusively until he was 8 months. No solid food. But now he still wakes in the night to nurse and the truth is I havn’t slept through the night in almost 4 years (including the pregnancy). So I have conflicting feelings on nursing still clearly. I do feel guilty about it and this is all irrospective of the fact that most of my family thinks i’m nuts for still nursing him (not that I care what anyone thinks because I am strong in my Extended BF beliefs, but even my husband is starting to ask when I might plan to be done) I am sad to leave that part of our relationship behind, and I really wanted to do self-weaning, but he is so aggressive with it, constantly pulling at me and my shirt and just lifting them out sometimes (in public) that I am also a bit fustrated with it all and kind of want to be done. Plus I feel like if I am doing a strong detox, I don’t want to chance him getting some of that in his system anway so its also another factor in the equation.
      So I have been gently weaning and that has meant working later hours and being around him a little less during this transition time. I still nurse him at night because its easy and convenient (he’s in our bed) and because I also crave it the way he does. But I am going to try to taper this off as well. I think it will bring me more peace of mind when doing the detox and taking the medicines.
      (sorry for the ramble- still trying to work out all the feelings involved here-lol)

      • Diana says:

        Oh, wow! INTERESTING stuff! It sounds like your ND really knows his stuff!! I’m very impressed. Before my last pregnancy, I also engaged a naturopath, but she just didn’t seem to know anything about pregnancy. Every time I mentioned something to her, she said “oh, really?” I guess it’s because she really didn’t deal with pregnancy…. she was mainly into other stuff, so I finally just faded out of there. So if I decide to use a naturopath, I”ll have to find another, as well as another OB (*sigh*). I don’t like changing doctors/practices!!!

        I know what you mean about BF! My family, thankfully, finally shut up about EBF, and my husband’s family is so polite that they never said anything, though I know they think I’m nuts (DH was formula-fed) – especially when you add in the fact that when they visited after our last was born, I was in the kitchen encapsulating my placenta. But they never said a word! (They’re great.) I too have wondered about weaning – our 19mo is still sleeping with us at night and nursing, and I don’t want to wean him at all – but I’m hoping that if I get pregnant, I can continue nursing (didn’t manage it last time, weaned at 2y9m while I was pg with #2) – but maybe get him to sleep through the night. I know what you mean about not getting sleep! And you’re right on all your points! I look forward to reading about all of your adventures. Thank you, as always, for sharing your journey with us.

        Sorry for a rambling reply – off to clean the house!! (Doing a doula training this weekend, so it’ll be trashed by the end anyway.)

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