I just feel like crap.  I really miss my old life. The one in which I was super happy. I know  there are hills and valleys. I get it, but this has been a long damn valley. Its not just the baby, its a lot of things. I hate my job, I miss Massachusetts. I miss my friends.  Things are just not going the way I want overall and it feels bad.

I know I’m blessed. I have an amazing husband and two beautiful children (who are lately acting like spoiled brats, but you know….).

I got a pretty bad knee injury, so I can’t work out.  Which I was loving and which gave me some solice and distraction (and amazing abs).

I guess this is a post in which I bitch about things. I’ll try to write something more worthwhile later in the week.

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One Response to Yuck

  1. mommyponders says:

    Everybody needs posts like these.

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