Due Date

I have thought a lot about what I would post today. I’ve been thinking about it since I started the blog. Would I post a peom, quote, my thoughts, or just simply ask for prayers this day?

I didn’t really come up with much.  I felt more sad yesterday than I do today.  Some days are just sadder than others.  I was dreading this day, as this “big” day, but really it is just like any other day.  I don’t feel more sad, because this is the day the Doctor predicted I would have my baby. A due date is just an estimate really.  This month was harder though than the month before, and I figure that is because it was the “due month” so this particular day doesn’t sting any more than the whole month did. 

It is amazing how quickly 40 weeks will pass when you aren’t puking your brains out. And yet there was a good chunk of time that seemed like it stood still.  One of the sad parts is that perhaps today or a few days ago or a few days from now, my sad sick ordeal would have been mostly over, but as it is for me presently, it is not over, I am still struggling daily to find an ok place.  I still feel sick and achy.  But, there are of course a lot of joyous moments sprinkled in there, so I know I would do well to focus on that.

I spoke with our pastor briefly and he is going to say a prayer with us in rememberance. If you so wish, please do the same for me.

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3 Responses to Due Date

  1. Victoria says:

    {{{hugs}}} I felt the same way. The day was less significant as the whole month was. Take care of you and know that you are not alone.

  2. Ashli says:

    You are doing great! Hang in there.

  3. Diana says:

    You are doing a really great job, and you are in my prayers. Thinking of you!

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