It’s My Blog and I’ll Cry if I Want to


 it breaks my heart to write this, but I don’t think it will work out with L right now.  I could tell after my husband got off the phone with you he was ready to sign papers, but through out the week he kept kind of talking himself out of it, and just believes the timing is not right (they are doing layoffs at my company/he just started a buisness), and it was too unexpected. I wish I had different news to report. I did already feel so much love for the beautiful baby growing with L, and perhaps a little crazy, but I felt bonded with the baby. (and may have already been picking out names-I tend to get attached to people quickly). Please tell L that she sounds like such a wonderful and strong woman, and this is not even sort of a reflection of her or her baby,It is simply a matter of my husband not yet being over our loss and fully ready to have another baby.  I will continue to pray for L and her baby and that she will find the right and perfect family to raise her child.  I hope that when both my husband and I become on the same page, that an adoption will come to us and work out as effortlessly and naturally as this one was working out.
I appreciate all the time that you have taken to talk to us and your effort in facilitating this. Please relay this to K as well.

God bless,

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