Nothing New Really.

I have been feeling a bit nostalgic.

I hate that this is part of my life and story. I wish there was one day where I could go without even thinking about it, but I can’t.

Have you all been checking out  She’s expecting, and doing better than she normally does in her pregnancies, which is very exciting.  She has been prepping for this one for a while.  I think prep work does help in  a way.  But that can only happen for subsequent HGers- obviously. Check her out, offer support.  We may learn something there.

I wasn’t ready to make any type of decisions before, so I have been doing nothing….and I mean nothing, as in not really engaging in activities that can make one pregnant.  But now, I am back to thinking of Birth Control options.

I am trying to come up with some good birth control methods, I don’t want to take the pill because of the hormones, and if you’ve been following me, you know I’m very into natural health. And I’m not ready to do anything permanent like tubal (which many HG mommas do) or really long term (I may want to get pregnant again soon),  , so I feel like that limits my options. We were practicing natural family planning, before this pregnancy, but that isn’t going to cut it for me anymore, because despite my vow and religion and whatever else, I don’t want to be open to any more children at this moment, but the next moment, what I want is anyone’s guess, so I have to find something that fits with my flightiness.

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2 Responses to Nothing New Really.

  1. S.M. says:

    Well, not sure what to suggest regarding natural birth control that will work well for you. I can only share what works for me. I am highly fertile and get pregnant easily. Can’t take birth control because of the hormones. Condoms cause severe irritation. Nothing else sounds very workable for me. As a result (don’t laugh) My husband basically is Super careful and just never makes a mistake. This might require a bit of Tantra training for the man, but it works for me. In 10 years I only got pregnant when it was on purpose.

  2. BCPs make me nauseated. After my third HG pregnancy, I had a Paraguard (copper with no hormones) inserted. This has worked well for our family except that I do bleed heavily now. We have also used vaginal contraceptive films which have worked well in the past.

    For my senior project in nursing school, I made a fertility awareness method web site which highlighted the different ways to both achieve and prohibit pregnancy. There are many ways that are easy such as monitoring your basal body temperature, cervical mucous, and cervical positioning. Here it is, if you are interested:

    That is great news about the Whiny Puker. I used to read some of her stuff when I was pregnant with my third child.

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