Kidney Stones?

I have been MIA for a while again. Just a lot on my proverbial plate right now.

I have been having stomach and lower left back pain for about two weeks. I did something something sort of weird too, I had laxatives left over from the procedure, that I purchased to help with the problems I was having after taking the Zofran. On kind of a whim, I decided I needed to clean out my system and perhaps I was a little constipated and I took one. I don’t know, maybe I was craving chocolate at that was the closest thing we had in the house.  So, after that, I started having really bad stomach cramps, and chalked it up to that. But when no bowel movement and still cramping I went to the Dr.  He diagnosed it as constipation and told me to add more fiber.  Now for regular followers, you know my diet, there’s no way to add more fiber to it. Seriously, but I bought prunes anyway, which were kind of good.

Now, I don’t want to even get into the ordeal of dealing with the Doctor and appointments and phone calls and having to go back there, because its so frustrating. But I had to be very proactive with my own health and ask for more tests, etc.  Imagine, if you are really sick having to do this!?!?! You can’t! And that was a big problem I had with HG. It is hard to be that proactive with your own health, when you are that sick.

After said tests, a nurse called to tell me I had blood in my urine but that is fine.  Didn’t sound right, but was feeling better, so whatever. Went to acupuncture, Homeopathic DR. recommended a tea to help have a BM. Worked wonderfully. If you need it, its called Smooth Move Tea.  The main ingredient is Senna.
Well I don’t think that’s really my problem. Lower back pain returned.  Just feeling crummy. Mind you I am still going to work, and working out (probably shouldn’t be) so painful but not enough to interfere with day-to-day activities.

Finally Dr. ordered Cat Scan today. Another ordeal fighting with insurance companies and the imaging center.  And making three trips there.  But it was done. The results will be in tomorrow. My guess is a kidney stone that lodged and fluid build up. That is what happened after my first HG pregnancy when I had to have emergency surgery.

I drink a crap load of water, but I think I am just prone to them now from the first bout with HG. But before I jump to conclusions anyway, just going to wait for the results. I’ll update you all.

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One Response to Kidney Stones?

  1. Diana says:

    My goodness, what a wild chase! I hope that you get answers very soon.

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