Out of Surgery

Two days out really. Everything went well.  It was sort of traumatizing though, because for me it brought back memories of the termination. And being sick afterwards, well that has brought back memories of HG. Being holed up in bed, feeling like crap, while my husband does everything, is really hard for me. I know I should not feel guilty, or fustrated and just allow myself time to heal, but I can’t seem to do it, and its the very same issues I had with HG, so all in all not good stuff.

I am back at work today, I feel like I have taken a beating, but this is my last week at work, and I am going ot need the money! The surgery cost an arm and a leg, even with insurance. Thank you high deductibles.  But we will keep forging on. Something good is bound to come along, I have certainly paid my dues!

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2 Responses to Out of Surgery

  1. Diana says:

    I’m glad to hear that you’re out and doing okay! You are a trooper!!

  2. I’m pretty sure that I had kidney stones with all my pregnancies and afterwards. No one ever bothered to look into my flank pain any further. I did have hydronephrosis in the beginning of my last pregnancy which actually helped me meet inpt status (not the actual HG go figure) so that my insurance company would be for a full admission. Hang in there. I would not have liked the visual that the doctor gave you. Hopefully he was not aware of your history and how perhaps that might have not been the best thing for you to hear. Thinking about you! 🙂

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