I Want a Baby

Ok I realize that is nothing new. I’ve been saying that for the better part of  a year.  But I am now getting comfortable with the idea that I want a baby so badly that I am willing to take the health risk and the horror that is HG.  I have stopped trying to research ways to prevent it, and have sort of resigned myself to the fact that I will have it. Of course, I hope that I don’t. Now I am not exactly planning to get pregnant at any time, it just isn’t a good time.

Although, if someone knows of a good time, to be holed up in bed for 9 months and wishing for death, then let me know. At the very least I imagine a good time, is at least when you have some money in the bank, if you are the bread-winner so to speak, or money to hire people to help you, or family and friends who are willing to be around, and not the perfunctory, I’ll help you through this, but real live action…I don’t think I have any of that right now, so it’s not a good time.  There is also my strange health and digestive stuff going on.  If I have a chance of not getting HG and being in perfect health before I start trying to conceive, then this certainly isn’t the time, I have to get all that figured out first.

So a lot on my plate. Not going to start trying yet, but I think I am getting ready. Does that mean 3 months, 1 year, 2 years. Not sure. I haven’t come up with a time line. But I am almost certain that my family is not done growing, that’s how I feel anyway, the stars know my fate, and how it will happen, but I am feeling like the time is getting closer, and i think I am closer to wanting it for the right reasons.

Hmm, I’ll ask my husband what he thinks, or not, I’m actually pretty sure I know his answer, but the thing is I’m an expert negotiator and argue-er and quite convincing when I want to be.  😉 I’m sort of a professional actually.

What do you all think, How do you know you are ready for a baby, or even more specifically an HG pregnancy?

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3 Responses to I Want a Baby

  1. Ashli says:

    For me, I knew when I was ready to die before going down a bad path again.
    Hope for the best, but expect/prepare for the worst.

  2. Diana says:

    I’ve never been able to actually “plan” for a baby, that is, after our first baby (our HG baby). I just don’t have the guts. It’s been more of a semi-conscious self-sabotaging of our NFP use (i.e. pushing the safety limits on intercourse timing rules). Thus, both of our next two have been “intentionally unintentional surprises.”

    If you are ready to go for it, then we will be cheering you all the way!!

  3. Susan says:

    I think another HG pregnancy is pretty high up on my list of things I don’t want to do but since the alternative would be not having any more children and I really don’t want my daughter to be an only child, that overrides it. Although after my first HG pregnancy I also lived with the vain hope that I wouldn’t have it again which made it easier. Time also makes it easier – my daughter was three when I had it for the second time and I really had forgotten quite how bad it was until I had it again.

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