Sometimes the Wrong Choices Bring Us to the Right Places

I like where i’m at. I like what I am learning to become.  I like my job. I actually like some of the changes that have gone on in my life, as a direct cause of all that has happened, with the HG and the termination.

I don’t like the constant backdrop of sadness and pain. I ldon’t like missing my child at christmas time, and thinking about how she would have been 7 months and we would be hanging another baby’s first chirstmas ornament up. I mostly don’t like that I don’t get to hold my baby every single day.

But there is a lot to be thankful for. There is joy this season.  It comes in waves, just as the sadness. Which when you think about it, is apropos for the story of the Birth and the holidays.

I leave you with this link: “40 ways to entertain your child, while lying down.” Although I imagine if a woman truly has HG, she is not going to play that butt game listed on there 🙂 she is going to rely on a whole lot of movies, and maybe even youtube. (what you guys don’t give your 3 year old free reign of youtube? huh… Maybe I’ll have to rethink my parenting plan…)

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2 Responses to Sometimes the Wrong Choices Bring Us to the Right Places

  1. Diana says:

    Nice to see you online again!! 🙂

  2. Ashli says:

    So good to hear from u. Merry Christmas. U r n my thoughts & prayers.

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