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I read this article. I loved it.


It doesn’t have to do wtih HG. It has to do with speaking your mind, discussing uncomfortable issues, making it personal. The author is speaking specifically about Rape.

I am an open book. I will discuss anything at anytime with anyone.  Once upon a time it was  in regards to Sexual Assault. These days I speak more about the termination. Sometimes, depending on my audience, I refer to it as “when I lost the baby” but mostly I say, when “I terminated my pregnancy.” It shocks people to hear it. That’s ok. It’s suppose to. Because we are made to think that its a private decision, you shouldn’t feel bad about it, but then again, don’t talk about it either…

Well I did it, I felt horrible, I still feel horrible, it was the worse possible decision I have ever made in my whole life. I think I was led all my life to believe it was a viable alternative, and I would just feel fine about it after. But I don’t and if everyone did, wouldn’t they  discuss is more? Or maybe it is something that makes people uncomfortable for a reason, just like speaking about rape. Its wrong, its unpleasant, its better left unsaid.

But the thing is, it’s not better left unsaid. 

 None of it. ask me about either experience, I’ll even unpolitically correct tell you which one hurt worse, and which was harder to survive.

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  1. Diana says:

    Very interesting article – thanks for sharing! I’m glad you are open about your experience – so much better for helping others, as well as yourself.

    Praying for you this month, especially if you’re in TTC mode!!

  2. It’s so important to talk about these things that are so difficult. I’m glad that you are bringing the topic of termination out of the shadows. I think your willingness to talk about it can bring strength and comfort to women in need.

  3. missventure says:

    I have cried and cried today after finding your blog and reading your HG story.

    I am currently 8 weeks pregnant and suffering HG for a second time, only this time so so much worse than the first. Despite twice daily Zofran (8mg) waifers, I am unable to eat, drink, wee, poo and have been suffering horrendous headaches, dehydration and cramping. My only relief was a weekend trip to hospital for IV rehydration.

    The emotional turmoil and guilt of abandoning my 2 year old (to grandmas, friends and daycare) is just gut wrenching.

    Whilst my first pregnancy I remained sick until 40w2days (my son was born 9 days late giving me a blissful 7 days of no sickness before commencing labour) I can only hope that this time it does not last as long as I honestly don’t think my body can handle months and months of this disease.

    I will look forward to checking in on your blog as I am bed ridden and battling this cruel sickness and if you have any advice to provide it would be greatly appreciated.

    Lets hope that one day a cure is found to help ease the pain


    • this is my suggestion, only based on internet research, and experience:
      You need to get medical attention, and a lot of it, you need someone to advocate for you. You need at home care (if that is what your doctor recommends) because you shouldn’t have to go to the hospital everyday, but the cycle of dehydration is not good and needs to be broken, symptoms and effects of dehydration is naseua, so seriously it is an unending cycle unless and until you attempt to break it. For me the only time I felt brief releif was the hr after the hospital and after being hydrated. Therefore you need to get fluids, do not wait until dehydration to get fluids, the meds don’t work as well if you are dehydrated.
      Things that I didn’t try but am hopeful will provide some relief: epson salt baths (baths were the only things that calmed me for a bit and I think the added Magnesium is worth a try).
      pepermint essential oil on the pillow (if you can stand the smell, proven to calm the stomach).
      high protein foods, if it can be held down a little, because it is less likely to spike blood sugar.
      and probiotic.
      I dont think any of that is the cure though, but I am hopeful some of it will provide relief.
      also checked out for some other helpful suggestions based on her experience.

      Zofran didn’t offer tons of relief, but I recommend keeping it in your system around the clock, ie even wake up to take it if you have to.
      Also for some reason I could eat a little at night when I woke up from a sleep, so if that is the case for you too, keep something to eat and/or drink by your bed, wrapped up (so there isn’t a smell) and maybe take little bites throughout the night when you wake, if you can handle it.
      I find this post to be helpful
      Lastly, I would try the unisom/dixocyln/b6 combo if you havn’t already. highest doseage of Unisom is 3 Unisom/day = 75 mgs. There are two types of Unisom on the market. One is the sleep tabs – containing Doxcilimine Succinate. This is the one you DO want and/or marijuana, which are all things I will try should I get preganant again.

  4. Ashli says:

    Amen. Silent no more.

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