Has it Been 5 months Since I Last Posted?

I have “penned” many updates in my head to this blog, but I never got so far as to actually update.  Life is going on.  I have a few ups and quite a few downs, unrelated to babies or pregnancy  just work, school, home life stuff, etc.

I still think about my baby everyday, or at least I think I do.  Some days, I wonder if I thought about her yesterday, and I can’t remember, so there actually might be some days where I don’t think about all that transpired, does that make sense?

My littlest just had his birthday, and it was around his birthday that I first found out I was pregnant, so that brings up some memories for me.  And we are heading into the month of my termination. It has been two years, which boggles my mind.

I actually can’t believe some times, that it has been two years and the pain can still be so fresh, and then other times I can’t believe how much has transpired in those two years, and what a lifetime ago it all seems, and how much progress I have made.  I really went from a heap of mess, to actually being able to sort of function, and smile and even enjoy life.

Of course, I look at my kids and a huge pang of sadness will overwhelm me, and I will have to catch my breath, but I can and I do…and you will too.

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2 Responses to Has it Been 5 months Since I Last Posted?

  1. Diana says:

    I’m glad to see you post – I have been wondering how you were doing!!! 🙂

  2. missventure says:

    Oh you poor darling. My eyes well with tears, knowing all too well the pain of HG. I truly hope the pain will some-how ease.

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