Kate Middelton and Hyperemsis, or as the Media is Calling it “Acute Morning Sickness”

I was really excited and really sad to see the breaking news story yesterday about Kate Middleton’s pregnancy.

I mean, knowing anyone is suffering with it is horrible, but could this possibly bring some light to the issue, maybe even some funds for research? That would be a good thing.

I was discouraged reading media reports referring to HG as Morning Sickness and I was even more discouraged reading comments from people, which most involved things like “suck it up Princess.”  Hyperemesis, is not morning sickness! It is actually an illness.

It is horrible to say to a woman or anyone “suck it up”, just as you wouldn’t say that to someone going through any other illness. It’s heartbreaking how women, and especially pregnant women are treated and cast aside and their medical needs dismissed.

Don’t people see this as a HUGE social problem?!?! Is it just ignorance, this violence that is perpetuated on women (specifically pregnant women), by society, the medical community and even our very own sisterhood?

So much for compassion, I guess.
There is comfort in that, even if reading doesn’t make her sick, I’m sure she has better things to do with her time than read ignorant comments.  This woman is fighting for her life and her baby’s life, and some people have the nerve to say “welcome to pregnancy” or worse things that I wouldn’t even bother repeating. Really? In what world are we expecting that pregnancy should be synonymous with suffering.  (ahem sounds a little like a man’s world to me). Also, I’m sure she is receiving really good care and her concerns are being validated and addressed.

But maybe now, other women will get to benefit from that same treatment as the world is hopefully becoming educated on the issue. Fingers crossed, and fingers crossed for the Princess that this passes quick, and her and her baby are healthy and get the right care they need.

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3 Responses to Kate Middelton and Hyperemsis, or as the Media is Calling it “Acute Morning Sickness”

  1. dallison says:

    Amen to that. I’m thankful she was diagnosed quickly. I only wish all women who suffer the same hell could be diagnosed and treated as thoroughly.

  2. Susan says:

    J- I came back to your blog after a year to check on you partly because I have been feeling a similar low-grade rage about the misrepresentation of HG vs morning sickness, and wondering if I was going crazy. I couldn’t agree more with you, the casual dismissal of HG sufferers is so cruel and ignorant!

    • “low-grade rage” I like that. I might start using that in daily conversation. People.com actually did a fairly decent article quoting a dr. who said it should not be called acute morning sickness, so I was happy to see that. It was a Female Dr who suffered from HG too. I saw that The Duchess was expected to be at the Hobbit premiere, and I snickered when I saw that, can you imagine having to watch that movie, with all the scenery and camera pans and tilts, etc. and all the smells in a theater, while suffering through HG? makes me sick just thinking about it. I knew she was going to cancel that appearance real fast.

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